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MAR-ECO Music: "Underwater"

 Jazz musician Oded Ben-Horin has translated MAR-ECO into music and lyrics by composing music and writing lyrics inspired by the MAR-ECO images, website and exhibition. 

Listen to the music and lyrics

The music for "Underwater" was inspired by Mar-Eco and David Shale's wonderful film images and was written for the "Deeper Than Light" traveling exhibition. It was written and recorded by jazz musicians based in Norway, as part of The Science Fair project. The complete "Underwater" music can be heard online at

The first of the following compositions was written for a short film about species viewed during the G.O. Sars cruise. The images were captured by British wildlife photographer, David Shale and were assembled by media students at the University of Agder. this composition will be featured on The Science Fair's upcoming CD, "Underwater".

The film "Deeper Than Light" with The Science Fair's "Underwater" soundtrack will be played in both Norway and England this autumn:

"The Happening" art festival.
Place: The Basement, 10-16 Ashwin st., London, England
Time: Sept. 9 (evening hours)

AVGARDE festival (Grieg 07)
Place: USF Verftet, Bergen
Time: Oct. 13 (evening hours: For a specific time please visit

The musicians

The musicians who participated in the "Underwater" recording are Oded Ben-Horin (vocals and Rhodes piano) / Thomas Dahl (guitar) / Magne Thormodsæter (bass) / Stein Inge Brækhus (drums and percussion)

The compositions

"Underwater" consists of four compositions

  • Underwater

(Oded Ben-Horin), composed for film "Deeper Than Light".

The composition has four sections, the first three of which are rhythmically very active and surprising, symbolizing the deep sea's wondrous but dangerous realities. In contrast, the last is smooth and slow, representing huge spaces and the beauty of nature. 

  • Discovery

(Text by Elinor Bartle, summary revised by Odd Aksel Bergstad / Music by O. Ben-Horin)

Taken from Mar-Eco's website, the text is about deep-sea research in general, and the Challenger and Michael Sars expeditions, and marine biology. The music is completely improvised.

  • Swim!

(Oded Ben-Horin)

Three aspects of a fish's life: Search for food, danger of being eaten, and finding a mate. The "wild" improvisations convey the perils of the deep. 

  • Orange Roughy

(Summary of text by Franz Uiblein, IMR / Music by O. Ben-Horin)

An improvised interpretation of a text about the fish Orange Roughy. 

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