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Descartes prize

Report from Auckland

All Programme Meeting in Auckland


Around two hundred participants discussed potential overall visions and messages for the Census of Marine Life for its conclusion in 2010 at the All Program Meeting in Auckland 14 – 16 November.  The Education and Outreach group held their meetings in the beginning of the week and discussed, among other things, how to contribute to the overall syntheses and wrap up of this 10-year programme.


Odd Aksel Bergstad presented MAR-ECO’s results thus far from MAR-ECO and the project’s plans for the synthesis of its work relating to its methods, scientific results and communication activities.

Deeper than light – the book

One of the highlights in the education and outreach activities was the launch of the new book, Deeper than Light published as a common project from the DESEO group (a group of deep-sea CoML projects including CeDAMar, ChEss, CoMARGE, and EUROCoML). People attending the meeting expressed great interest and delight to seeing this richly illustrated book about the deep sea. It will accompanying the travelling exhibit of the same name, but is also a stand-alone educational book on deep-sea habitats for anyone interested in the deep sea. It will be available in hard cover version in English and German by the end of November. Later also versions in French, Spanish and Norwegian will be ready for sale. It will be possible to order the book through the web. (more information to come)

MAR-ECO - the overall prize winner

To stimulate the efforts in science and communication, CoML has for the first time established different prizes for various aspects of the global marine program. MAR-ECO was awarded the CoML's top prize, the “2007 Outstanding Achievement Award for 'Overall Excellence'” in science and communication.  The prize was awarded by the chair of the CoML scientific steering committee, Prof Fred Grassle

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