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Marine Interpretation Centre Opening

Exciting opening in Horta


A new Virtual Centre of Marine Interpretation is opening in Horta in the Azores. In Portuguese it is called "Centro Virtual de Interpretacao Marinha" (CIMV).

The Centre is located in a renovated historical structure; an old whale processing factory. In addition to video and image material, some of which is from MAR-ECO, the Centre literally centres on a model submersible that contains a number of computers with 3D simulations of the world underwater.

The project for Centre has been co-ordinated by Ricardo Serrão Santos and Carla Gomes and has involved researchers from the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries (DOP) at the University of the Azores, together with a local SME, SIGMA. Les Gallagher developed the 3D simulations. The funding for the centre was provided by MARMAC an InterReg 3b/FEDER project.

Led by Director Ricardo Serrão Santos, who is also the Pro-Rector of the University of the Azores, DOP has been very actively involved with Public Outreach initiatives, exhibitions and school projects over the last decade and more. The goal has been to change public perceptions of the marine environment that surrounds the islands from one of exploitation to one of understanding and stewardship, with a focus on sustainable development. Dr. Santos is also a member of the MAR-ECO Steering Group.

The Centre’s opening Tuesday 9 January, 15:00 is timed to coincide with a number of events. It is the University of the Azores 31st anniversary. There will also be an important meeting of the Portuguese Council of University Rectors. The Portuguese Secretary of the Environment and the Sea will be on hand for the opening.

MAR-ECO and the Census of Marine Life (CoML) are partners of CIMV3000. The exhibition and DVD make extensive use of video clips, photos and other information collected during the GO Sars cruise along the northern mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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