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What is a research project?

MAR-ECO is a large international research project involving scientists and students from over 16 different countries. To keep abreast of field and research activities there are numerous sub-project meetings and workshops. In addition there have been whole project annual meetings where participants can share results and plan future collaborative activities.

In 2006 a film was made of the annual meeting. In the film nearly 30 scientists are featured discussing their research and results. In addition there is footage of researchers in action aboard the research vessel the GOSars, and unique underwater footage of the deep waters around the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The film has been made into an interactive DVD with many short chapters dealing with particular topics. A complete script is also available so that teachers may be able to take full advantage of the information presented.

The film has also been a part of the travelling exhibition, “Deeper than Light”.

More information about this DVD and other MAR-ECO resources.

Contact Elinor Bartle if you would like to have a DVD.

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