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Composer Inspired by Deep-sea Images

Steffen Flasnes, composer of film music and University of Agder master student associated with MAR-ECO

Steffen Flasnes

Steffen Flasnes (born 1984) is a Norwegian musician and composer of popular music. His main instruments are keyboards and synthesizers, and he is currently studying for a master's degree in performing arts (music) at the University of Agder. Steffen’s master thesis concerns different technological aspects of composing music for pictures and video.

Steffen was given the challenge of composing music for two slideshows which were presented live during Mar-Eco’s event in Kristiansand the 21st of October 2009. “I thought this project was really interesting and very challenging, mostly because of the music’s role and function. My main intention with these compositions was to accompany David Shale's photos without drawing too much attention - yet still uphold a noticable presence”. 

Steffen`s musical approach was quite experimental in the beginning, and he chose to compose music with both mystical and lyrical elements to catch the right mood. Vocals (Maylen Rusti) and percussion (Kristian Tybakken) were added to make the “soundbox” more authentic and “alive”. The slide shows consisted of new HD images of deepwater animals adapted for cinema screen viewing by Kåre Mosgren (Univ. Agder).



Watch and listen to Steffen and band playing during '2009 A Deep Ocean Odyssey' in Kristiansand Cinema, 21 Oct 09. 

Listen to more of Steffen`s music on myspace 



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