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ECOMAR dive cruise underway

On the 26th May 2010 ECOMAR scientists will set sail on the RRS James Cook from St. John’s in Canada for the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on Cruise JC048. For the first time during the ECOMAR project the ROV ISIS will be deployed carrying a range of video, photographic and sampling systems providing further insight into life of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. In addition, ECOMAR scientists will deploy a variety of sampling equipment including the photographic acoustic lander, ICDeep camera and the amphipod trap. Daily updates, including photographs of deep-sea life, will be provided via the cruise blog and twitter pages. The cruise will end on the 3rd of July when the RRS James Cook docks in Vigo, Spain.

P.I. on the cruise is professor I.G. (Monty) Priede of OCEANLAB, University of Aberdeen.

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