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Researchers explore mysteries of the deep. New: CRUISE SUMMARY

Both cruises have an international party of scientists and students onboard and will conduct studies of biodiversity in the transition zone between northern cool waters and southern warmer water, known as the Subpolar Frontal Zone. This zone appears to act as a faunal divide and has particularly interesting ecological features that needs further attention. 


The FRV H Bigelow cruise is led by Professor Michael Vecchione from NOAA (NMFS National Systematics Laboratory) and Virginia Institute of Marine Science. The personnel onboard will report on their activities and findings, and a teacher in residence will post stories regularly.  


VIMS has set up some web-based info about the cruise. Read the story on these web pages 

You may track the ship while at sea using NOAAs ship tracker:    

The teacher in residence Ms Ruth Meadows will post stories here 

Or visit the cruises's blog


Read a POST-CRUISE SUMMARY at the NOAA World site.

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