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RRS James Cook sails to the mid-Atlantic


RRS James Cook sets sail to the mid-Atlantic Ridge again! 

On the 1st August 2009 the RRS James Cook once again set sail to the mid-Atlantic Ridge.  On board were 30 scientists and 20 crew and officers.  The scientists collected data on all aspects of the mid-Atlantic Ridge and its overlying surface waters until the 9th September 2009.  The type of data collected ranged from satellite images of sea surface temperature, to what lives on the seabed thousands of metres below.


The cruise was led by Prof Monty Priede Director of Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen.  The group of scientists on board came from 12 universities and research institutions, from the UK, Portugal and Russia.


The scientists on board provided news on a daily blog about their ocean adventures. Please also visit the ECOMAR website for additional information.

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