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Norwegian core group meeting in Bergen

Some of the meeting participants on the social event at the Bergen Museum 
A meeting of Norwegian MAR-ECO partners were held 27 – 28 May 2003, at the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen.

35 people attended the meeting. The aim of the meeting was to formulate and write MAR-ECO related proposals for submission to the Norwegian Research Council. The programme included proposal writing during working group sessions and discussions in plenary sessions.

The proposal writing were performed in working groups, including: Zooplankton (Z1), Trophic ecology (PN2), Genetics (DN2), Life history (DN4), Data management/GIS, Technology and Public Outreach.

The issues that were presented and discussed at the plenary session were:
· General status of MAR-ECO
· General plans of the component projects Z1, PN1 and DN1
· Status of the oceanography and bathymetry-work
· The G.O. Sars 2004 Cruise plans
· Status and proposal plans for the Norwegian elements of the component projects Z1, PN2, DN2, DN4
· Status and plans for Data-management and GIS, Technology group and Public Outreach Group

During the meeting, 4 MAR-ECO related proposals for submission to the Norwegian Research Council were drafted: Zooplankton (Z1), Trophic ecology (PN2), Fish genetics (DN2) and Museum support.

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