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OASIS cruise to Sedlo Seamount

The OASIS project is a FP5 EU funded project on Sedlo Seamount north of the Azores. The project aims to study the seamount ecosystem by integrating physical, biogeochemical and biological research. One of the scopes of OASIS is to produce comprehensive and science-based management guidelines for seamounts in deep sea areas.

Parts of OASIS will be one element of the MAR-ECO component project PN2: Interactions of mesopelagic and bathypelagic fauna with the benthopelagic community associated with MAR seamounts/slopes.

The first OASIS pilot cruise to Seine seamount on R/V Poseidon took place March 19 – April 1, 2003. The scientists onboard deployed current meters and took biogeochemical and biological samples.

read more about OASIS and about the cruise on the OASIS webpages

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