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RV Įrni Frišriksson cruise

The REDFISH/MAR-ECO cruise with RV Įrni Frišriksson, will be conducted in the Irminger Sea and adjacent areas from June 3 to July 4 2003.

This area includes the northern most of the three special MAR-ECO areas along the northern mid-Atlantic Ridge.
A multidisciplinary team of physical oceanographers, biologists and engineers with expertise on taxonomy, biological and technical sampling methods, hydroacoustics etc. will participate in the cruise. There are also plans to count marine mammals during the cruise.

In addition to the Redfish work, about 5-6 days of the cruise will be spent on the northernmost box of MAR-ECO, sampling for the MAR-ECO project Z4 entitled, "Trophic interactions of copepods, euphausiids, chaetognaths and fish across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge". Principal investigator for this project is Astthor Gislason from the Marine Institute of Iceland. There will also be some genetic sampling from deep sea fishes.

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