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School Network meeting

Representatives from schools in 11 countries have been invited to a meeting in Bergen 3-7 November, 2003, to discuss preparations for submitting a Comenius 1 application to the EU.

Numerous activities are planned. Read the invitation below for more information.

See list of participants (per september 03)
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Dear Sirs


We hereby invite your school to be represented at the preparatory meeting for Comenius I, related to the Mar-Eco project, in Bergen, Norway 03-07 November 2003.

The meeting will establish a school project with focus on deep sea research and resources related to the international scientific project of the North Atlantic Ridge: the Mar-Eco project. The idea is to invite students to join the research cruises virtually - and have direct contact with scientists to acquire new knowledge of the deep sea and adapt this to cross-curricular projects.

The location of the meeting is chosen for practical reasons, since this project will be closely connected to the Mar-Eco public outreach program, managed by Mr Jo Hoyer at the IMR (the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway). Both this institute and the University of Bergen, together with Bergen Museum will be our close co-ordinating partners in developing the individual school projects.

Schedule of meeting:

Getting background knowledge by:
Visit to the Institute of Marine Research, getting inside information of their field of work and the Mar-Eco concept. Meeting the Mar-Eco Project Leader Odd Aksel Bergstad
Meet PO Manager Jo Hoyer. Discuss co-ordination and co-operation
Contact with some of the Mar-Eco scientists, at least the Norwegian ones and develop procedures of virtual ship-to-shore contact
Visit the new, revolutionary research vessel: GOSARS that will undertake the main research cruise in 2004
Visit the University of Bergen, institute of marine biology. Discuss the various institutes’ involvement in the project and how schools can benefit from direct contact with the scientific environment.
Visit Bergen Museum, getting ideas of developing school projects by using scientific materials

Develop a joint application for a Comenius 1 project:
Develop a platform for close co-operation between the Mar-Eco group and participating schools
Further define the aims, objectives and methodology of a project to be proposed for SOCRATES support.
Define partner roles, responsibilities and tasks within the project.
Develop a project work-plan and a budget based on this work-plan
Develop procedures for project evaluation and dissemination
Complete the joint application form for project funding.
We look forward to seeing you in Bergen and having a productive meeting.

Yours sincerely

For Svolvaer videregaaende skole (upper secondary school)


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