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Conditions for use of MAR-ECO images and videos

The images and/or footage provided to you as a courtesy by MAR-ECO were produced by project participants and their institutions. These retain ownership, and user right are granted to external users on the following conditions:

  • Whenever an image, modified image or video is used for public presentation in media or elsewhere, the photographer and the MAR-ECO project should be credited.
  • Images may not be used for commercial purposes or be passed on to third parties without the written consent of the person or institution having ownership rights. See contact details here, or find the photographers adress in the list of participants. Compressed Zip Archive
99.1 mb
15 Feb 2006 13:29
A multimediapresentation of life on the depths of the mid-Atlantic Ridge. Made in Scala by Anette W. Petersen, automn 2005. (NB: large file. Download and unpack the zipped file, click on "Scala-MAR-ECO_design3009" to start the presentation)
The_ocean_land.wmv File
5.8 mb
10 May 2005 13:43
A short intro from the NRK documentary "The Ocean Land"; exploring the MAR onboard the RV G.O. Sars-cruise together with the artist Opdahl and scientists from 13 nations.
A_drawing_shrimp.wmv File
8.1 mb
10 May 2005 09:56
The MAR-ECO project - artistically presented by Nina Svane-Mikkelsen, using videojockey-tecniques (8 minutes).
Hauling_the_end.wmv File
12.3 mb
08 Feb 2005 10:53
The technical success of the cruise on board M/S Loran was assured through a professional use of the advanced ship and efficient gear handling by a skilled captain and crew. This video explains very well the patient among the crew. It shows the hauling of the end on a line standing at a depth of 3 500 m. Each pile of rope is approximately 550 m long.
Highlights_from_GOSars_cruise.mpg MPEG Video File
55.0 mb
26 Jul 2004 14:01
A video-resumé of the highlights of the G.O. Sars cruise. Highband.
White_orange_roughy.mpg MPEG Video File
8.9 mb
20 Jul 2004 20:08
As Aglantha reached the summit of the ridge crest a remarkable sight awaited, Orange Roughy fish, floating in the water. These fish looked so relaxed and unconcerned about life; when you have 100 years more to look forward to it seems wise not get excited. From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
ROV_Aglantha_on_MAR.mpeg MPEG Video File
100.1 mb
28 Apr 2004 17:10
The Norwegian remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Aglantha of the University of Bergen dives to 1500 m on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge south of Iceland. The sequence was recorder by Professor Ulf Båmstedt and shows many life forms, including sponges, cephalopods and gelatinous plankton organisms. Broadband is required to view this video.
video_camera_mounted_on_trawl_small.avi Windows Video File
928.4 kb
20 Jul 2004 12:49
Video from the bottom of the sea. The Atlantic Ridge. Camera mounted on trawl. Small version. From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
video_camera_mounted_on_trawl_large.avi Windows Video File
6.0 mb
20 Jul 2004 11:41
Video from the bottom of the sea. The Atlantic Ridge. Camera mounted on trawl. Large version. From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
Highlights_from_the_trawl_camera.mpg MPEG Video File
5.0 mb
18 Jul 2004 13:02
[July 17] Highlights from the trawl camera. From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
Sea_gooseberries.mpg MPEG Video File
3.0 mb
18 Jul 2004 21:43
[18 July] The deep pelagic organism "sea gooseberries" (ctenophores, Beroe abyssicala) filmed by the ROV. From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
Gelatinous_plankton_2.mpg MPEG Video File
3.2 mb
14 Jul 2004 18:40
Three examples of the curious group of colonial animals called siphonophores. These animals feed on zooplankton and other organic particles in the water column. Footage from ROV Bathysaurus, July 2004.
Gelatinous_plankton.mpg MPEG Video File
3.2 mb
14 Jul 2004 18:23
Colorful medusae and an almost transparent ctenophore (comb-jelly), representatives of the gelatinous plankton that can only be studies by cameras and submersibles. Footage from ROV Bathysaurus, July 2004.
Sunfish.mpg MPEG Video File
4.6 mb
26 Jun 2004 22:25
[June 26] Sunfish From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
Cephalopod.mpg MPEG Video File
3.7 mb
25 Jun 2004 22:48
[25 June] A cephalopod in the trawl. From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
The_coffee_cup_test.mpg MPEG Video File
9.2 mb
24 Jun 2004 20:14
[24 June] An informative video on the effects of the high pressure experienced at 2000m depth. From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
ROV_Aglantha_inspecting_a_lander.mpg MPEG Video File
11.4 mb
22 Jun 2004 21:22
[22 June] Video clip from the ROV Aglantha taken on 22.06.2004 showing an inspection of an acoustic lander, just deployed, and some benthic invertabrates and deep water fish (amongst them one catfish species). From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
The_ROV_Aglantha.mpg MPEG Video File
10.5 mb
17 Jun 2004 21:08
[17 June ] Footage from the ROV Aglantha deployment on 17th June, showing the deployed acoustic lander, a squid (approximately 35 cm long) and a large jellyfish (approximately 30 cm diameter). The white flecks are mainly marine ‘snow’, accumulated detritus falling from the surface layers that provides a major food source for animals in the deep sea. From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
3D_of_the_Charlie-Gibbs_Fracture_Zone.wmv File
2.2 mb
18 Jun 2004 11:47
[17 June] 3D-visualisation of the area around the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone.
The_artist_Opdahl.mpg MPEG Video File
10.2 mb
14 Jun 2004 21:11
[14 June] The painter Ørnulf Opdahl after ten days onboard RV G.O. Sars. From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
Zooplanktons_with_copepods_and_arowworm.mpg MPEG Video File
5.1 mb
13 Jun 2004 23:03
[13 june, 2004] Zooplankton sample with copepods (Calanus finmarchicus) and an arrowworm (Sagitta maxima). The arrowworm has just swallowed a copepod, seen as a dark spot in its gut. From the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
tagging_sei_whale1.mpg MPEG Video File
45.2 mb
11 May 2005 08:47
For the first time in the world a sei whale was tagged - by MAR-ECO scientists from Norway and Portugal in the Azorean waters.
tagging_sei_whale2.mpg MPEG Video File
65.6 mb
11 May 2005 08:57
For the first time in the world a sei whale was tagged - by MAR-ECO scientists from Norway and Portugal in the Azorean waters.
Tagging_blue_whale.mpg MPEG Video File
30.9 mb
10 May 2005 14:28
For the first time in Azorean waters a large adult blue whale was tagged!
Tagging_blue_whale_2.mpg MPEG Video File
44.9 mb
23 May 2005 15:11
For the first time in Azorean waters a large adult blue whale was tagged!
Pilot_whale_safari.mpg MPEG Video File
6.6 mb
10 Jun 2004 23:11
[10 June] Pilot whale safari by Leif Nøttestad, from Institute of Marine Research
Birds_and_cetans_observations.mpg MPEG Video File
8.8 mb
07 Jun 2004 08:44
[5 June] Video from the first day of the cruise onboard RV G.O. Sars. it's 5 June and the "Marine mammals and birds-group" are on deck, watching a bird
Activities1.mpg MPEG Video File
9.6 mb
21 Jul 2004 17:21
Activities onboard RV G. O. Sars during the MAR-ECO cruise 2004. (part 1 of 2).
Activities2.mpg MPEG Video File
10.2 mb
21 Jul 2004 17:29
Activities onboard RV G. O. Sars during the MAR-ECO cruise 2004.
Long-armed_squid.MOV Quicktime Video File
1.9 mb
28 Apr 2004 17:10
This curious long-armed squid has been photographed in the deep-sea around the world but never captured. The length of this individual was about 3.5 m. Sequence provided by Michael Vecchione.
New_G.O.SARS.wmv File
3.3 mb
28 Apr 2004 17:10
The Norwegian RV G.O.Sars was launched in May 2003, and this sequence is a news feature produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation when the vessel visited Arendal in June.
Mar-eco_at_CGFZ_Katta-feature.wmv File
9.7 mb
28 Apr 2004 17:10
MAR-ECO and the dives with the Russian manned submersibles MIR-1 and -2 were featured by the Norwegian Broadcasting Company in a September 2003 issue of the popular science programme ”Schrødinger’s Katt”. Introduced by Ms Gry Molvær, the feature shows spectacular footage from 3000-4500 m depth in the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone. The MIR dives were funded by NOAA Ocean Exploration Initiative, USA, and the A.P. Sloan Foundation. This video is in norwegain without subtitles.
Mar-Eco_video.wmv File
7.4 mb
28 Apr 2004 17:10
The MAR-ECO video was produced by Klockargårdens Film AB of Lund, Sweden, by Michael Palmgren. Most of the footage was recorded onboard the Norwegian RV Johan Hjort during a trials cruise in Norwegian fjords in October 2002. The video works best with Explorer 6.0
Mar-Eco_xxl.wmv File
18.9 mb
28 Apr 2004 17:10
The photographer Michael Palmgren from Klockargårdens Film participated on the Russian-American expedition to the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone, where the Russian manned MIR submersibles descended to 4500 meter. The video works best with Explorer 6.0
Bioluminescence.avi Windows Video File
5.0 mb
28 Apr 2004 17:10
The sequence shows numerous light flashes produced by light-producing organisms such as zooplankton or small fish. Bioluminescence is common among deep-living pelagic animals, and in this case it was recorded by an instrument being lowered through the water column from the surface to a few hundred metres. The instrument was constructed by the OCEANLAB group led by Professor I.G. Priede of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.
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