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The 2008 Ocean Science Meeting

Several MAR-ECO partners attended the 3-7 March  ‘2008  Ocean Sciences Meeting’ in Orlando, Florida. The conference attracted around 4000 participants who enjoyed a multitude of sessions under the heading “From the watershed to the global ocean”.

A session was devoted to the Census of Marine Life in which Odd Aksel Bergstad was one of the invited speakers, presenting an overview of MAR-ECO strategies and achievements.  Nicola King presented the UK MAR-ECO project ECOMAR with highlights from the cruise in 2007. Several posters by MAR-ECO partners were displayed, e.g. by Amy Heger and Tracey Sutton a.o..  About 150 people attended the CoML session. 

Tone Falkenhaug gave a talk on mid-Atlantic Ridge copepod diversity in a session on holozooplankton chaired by the PI of CMarZ, Dr Ann Bucklin.

The meeting provided an opportunity to meet informally to follow up various tasks and plans and develop ideas for new collaborative initiatives.
Abstracts are available on

 Jeff Drazen, David Bailey and Tracey Sutton at the poster: "Bathypelagic fish diversity in the Sargasso Sea" (Sutton, Wiebe, Bucklin, Madin, 2008)

 Christoffer Sweetman and Amy Heger at the poster "Who's eating whom? Identification and quantification of deep-pelagic prey fishes in the north-Atlantic ocean" (Heger & Sutton 2008).

 Photograph: Odd Aksel Bergstad

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