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CoML session at ICES ASC in Maastricht 2

During the 2006 ICES Annual Science Conference there will be a CoML session on benthis diversity, and member of the CoML SSC Dr Carlo Heip will give an open lecture. We have received the following message from the CoML Secretariat:

Dear Project Leaders,
The "Open Lecture" at the 2006 ICES Annual Science Conference (19-23 September, 2006 in Maastricht, the Netherlands) will be given by Carlo Heip. The title of his lecture is "Marine Biodiversity: the Exploration and Understanding of the Blue Planet". Following the lecture there will be a theme session entitled:

Census of Marine Life: Community and species biodiversity in marine benthic habitats from the coastal zone to the deep sea (D)

The convenors are Michael Sinclair and Myriam Sibuet, both of whom are members of the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) of the Census. The Theme Session encourages papers of a synthesis nature, in which patterns of species and community diversity may be predicted based on environmental parameters as well as emerging conceptual developments relating diversity to productivity and disturbance. A Census objective is to produce a synthesis of the biogeography of the benthic habitats of the global oceans by 2010. The Theme Session will be an opportunity to initiate discussion on this challenge. A poster session is envisioned to compliment the oral presentations.

In addition to the theme session, consideration is being given to having a discussion session for CoML scientists carrying out research in benthic ecology in order to address horizontal issues across projects in preparation for the 2010 synthesis activities. Some funding for travel to the conference for CoML project members presenting papers is being considered. This issue will be confirmed as soon as possible. Publication of the papers is also an option under discussion. Contributions for (papers or posters) presentations at this CoML Theme Session D are encouraged. These should be submitted initially as an informative abstract (no more than 200 words) to the ICES Secretariat in Copenhagen (e-mail address: The deadline for submission of abstracts is Monday 24 April 2006. Information is available on the ICES website It would be appreciated if the submitted abstracts are copied to the co-convenors ( and

Thank you in advance for your help in making this theme session an exciting one for the Census and the broader ICES community.

Kristen Yarincik, on behalf of: Michael Sinclair
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