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Continued support from A.P. Sloan Foundation

On 6 June 2007 the Board of the A.P.Sloan Foundation approved a renewal grant to MAR-ECO.

The comment from programme director Jesse Ausubel to the MAR-ECO network was: "Everyone is very impressed with what you have accomplished and looks forward to continuing excellence and daring".

The challenges for the next 2-year phase starting 1 July were described in the proposal submitted by the Steering Group:

"While continuing to analyse and publish results from the initial research cruises to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in 2003-2005, MAR-ECO entered a second 3-year field phase in 2007. Steps have been taken to expand the project to the South Atlantic where a new regional consortium is being established. A key task for the two years ahead is synthesising MAR-ECO results in preparation for the 2010 closure of the Census of Marine Life."

The new grant secures continued efforts such as:

  • Management of network and data, incl. contact with other CoML avtivities such as OBIS, Barcode of Life and field projects. Annual project meeting.
  • Support to sub-group meetings and activities to complete analyses of 2003-2005 data and samples (small grants).
  • Support to activities associated with new cruises 2007-2009 (grants to pay costs not covered by national funds).
  • Support to continue development of a South Atlantic MAR-ECO.
  • Public Outreach and Education activity.

Odd Aksel Bergstad


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