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MAR-ECO Special Issues

MAR-ECO thematic issues of "Deep Sea Research II" and "Marine Biology Research" will be published in early 2008. Titles in the two issues are listed below. The manuscripts can be downloaded by project participants from the "Shared folder" on the MAR-ECO FTP server. For information on the access to the FTP server, please contact the PIs of the MAR-ECO component projects, or the MAR-ECO secretariat 

Deep Sea Research II
Special issue on "Mid-Atlantic Ridge Habitats and Biodiversity"

The issue contains 22 titles and will appear as the first issue of 2008

(1) Bergstad, O.A,  Falkenhaug, T., Asthorsson, O., Byrkjedal, I.,  Gebruk, A. V., Piatkowski, U., Priede, I.G., Santos, R. S., Vecchione, M. Lorance, P., Gordon, J.D.M.
Towards improved understanding of the diversity and abundance patterns of the mid-ocean ridge macro- and megafauna.


(2) Wenneck, T. de L., Falkenhaug, T., Bergstad, O.A.  

Strategies, methods, and technologies adopted on the RV G.O. Sars MAR-ECO expedition to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in 2004.


(3) Søiland, H., Budgell, W. P., Knutsen, Ø.

The physical oceanographic conditions along the Mid Atlantic Ridge north of the Azores in June-July 2004.


(4) Opdal, A. F., Godø, O. R., Bergstad, O. A. Fiksen, Ø.

Distribution, identity, and possible processes sustaining meso- and bathypelagic scattering layers on the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge.


(5) Gaard, E., Gislason, A. Falkenhaug, T. Søiland, H. Musaeva, E. Vereshchaka, A., Vinogradov, G.

Horizontal and vertical copepod distribution and abundance on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in June 2004 


(6) Gislason, A., Gaard, E., Debes, H., Falkenhaug, T.

Abundance, feeding and reproduction of Calanus finmarchicus in the Irminger Sea and on the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge in June. 


(7) Petursdottir, H., Gislason, A., Falk-Petersen, S., Hop H., Svavarsson, J. 

Trophic interactions of the pelagic ecosystem over the Reykjanes Ridge as evaluated by fatty acid and stable isotope analyses.


(8) Stemmann, L., Hosia, A., Youngbluth, M.J., Søiland, H., Picheral, M., Gorsky, G.

Vertical distribution (0-1000 m) of macrozooplankton, estimated using the Underwater Video Profiler, in different hydrographic regimes along the northern portion of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.


(9) Hosia, A., Stemmann, L., Youngbluth, M.

Distribution of net-collected planktonic cnidarians along the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge and their associations with the main water masses.


(10) Youngbluth, M., Sørnes, T.,. Hosia, A., Stemmann, L.

Vertical distribution and relative abundance of gelatinous zooplankton, in situ observations near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. 


(11) Heger, A., Ieno, E. N. King, N. J. Morris, K. J. Bagley, P. M. Priede, I. G.

Deep-sea pelagic bioluminescence over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.


(12) Pierrot-Bults A. C.

A short note on the biogeographic patterns of the Chaetognatha fauna in the North Atlantic.


(13) Mortensen, P. B., Buhl-Mortensen, L., Gebruk, A.V., Krylova, E. M.

Occurrence of deep-water corals on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge based on MAR-ECO data. 


(14) Felley, J. D., Vecchione, M., Wilson, R.

Small scale distribution of deep-sea demersal nekton and other megafauna in the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.


(15) SuttonPP, T. T., PorteiroP, F. M., HeinoP, M., Byrkjedal, I., LanghelleP,, G. AndersonPP, C. I. H., HorneP, J., SøilandPP, H., FalkenhaugPP, T., GodøPP, O. R., BergstadP, O. A.

Vertical structure, biomass and topographic association of deep-pelagic fishes in relation to a mid-ocean ridge system.


(16) Bergstad, O. A., Menezes, G., Høines, Å. 

Demersal fish on a mid-ocean ridge: distribution patterns and structuring factors.


(17) Fossen, I., Cotton, C. F., Bergstad, O. A., Dyb, J. E.

 Species composition and distribution patterns of fishes captured by longlines on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. 


(18) Kemp, K.M., Jamieson, A.J., Bagley, P.M., Collins, M.A., Priede, I.G.

A new technique for periodic bait release at a deep-sea camera platform: first results from the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone, Mid-Atlantic Ridge.


(19) Klimpel, S., Palm, H. W., Busch, M. W., Kellermanns, E.

Fish parasites in the bathyal zone: The halosaur Halosauropsis macrochir (Günther, 1878) from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


(20) Palm, H. W., Klimpel, S.

Metazoan fish parasites of Macrourus berglax Lacepède, 1801 and other macrourids of the North Atlantic: Invasion of the deep-sea from the continental shelf.  


(21) Doksæter, L. , Olsen, E., Nøttestad, L., Fernö, A.

Distribution and feeding ecology of dolphins along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between Iceland and the Azores. 


(22) Skov, H., Gunnlaugsson, T. Budgell, W. P., Horne, J., Nøttestad, L., Olsen, E., Søiland, H., Víkingsson, G., Waring, G.

Small-scale spatial variability of sperm and sei whales in relation to oceanographic




Marine Biology Research
MAR-ECO thematic issue on benthos studies

The issue contains 9 titles and will appear as the first issue of 2008.

1. Gebruk A.V.  Holothurians (Holothuroidea, Echinodermata) of the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge collected by the G.O. Sars MAR-ECO expedition with descriptions of four new species.


2. Dilman A.B.  Asteroid fauna of the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge with description of a new species Hymenasterides mironovi sp. nov.  


3. Mironov A.N.  Pourtalesiid sea urchins (Echinodermata, Echinoidea) of the northern Atlantic. 


4. Martynov A.V. and Litvinova N.M.  Deep-water ophiuroidea from northern Atlantic with descriptions of three new species and taxonomic remarks on certain genera and species. 


5. Tabachnik K.R., Collins A.  Glass sponges (Porifera, Hexactinellida) of the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. 


6. Murina V.V. New records of Sipuncula and Echiura in the north Atlantic Ocean and description of a new species of Jacobia. 


7. Brandt A. and Andres H.G.  Description of Aega sarsae sp.nov and redescription of Syscenus atlanticus Kononenko, 1988 (Crustacea, Isopoda, Aegidae) from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


8. Molodtsova T.N., Keller N.B. and Sanamyan N. Anthozoa from the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone. 


9. Zezina O.N. Notes on brachiopods from the North Atlantic

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