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MAR-ECO synthesis workshop

synthesisThe MAR-ECO International Steering Group has set up a team, to work out a synthesis for the project as a contribution to the 2010 Census of Marine Life program. Discussions at the project workshop in Reykjavik 28-30 September 2007 will be used to guide work on the synthesis of MAR-ECO and the contribution to the CoML 2010.  

The aims for the MAR-ECO synthesis work are as follows:
  • Satisfy CoMLs requirements for a realm-specific report.
  • Contribute to deep-sea project synthesis. Big overarching issues.
  • Convey main results (with references to publications) to the science community.
  • Convey results to a wider audience. Web-based popular dissemination.

The synthesis team consists of representatives from the different MAR-ECO components. The team will depend on input from all MAR-ECO participants, and each representative will work by correspondence with the remaining sub-group participants 

The team will meet for the first MAR-ECO synthesis workshop in the Zoological Laboratory in Villefranche-sur-Mer, 27 May – 5 June, 2008. Hosts will be Marc Picheral, Lars Stemman and Gaby Gorsky. Drafts from this meeting will be distributed among all participants for comments. 

There will be no annual project meeting in 2008, in favour for the synthesis workshop. The progress of the synthesis work will be presented at an annual project meeting in 2009. 


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