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Presentations at the CoML All program Me

The Census of Marine Life 3rd All Program Meeting & Related Events was held in Auckland, New Zealand, November 11-18, 2007.
The meeting included a Public CoML Symposium and The All Program meeting (14-16 November). In addition, individual project meetings, the International Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) Meeting, the 2020 Science Council Meeting and other focused meetings was held 11-14 and 17-18 November.

From the MAR-ECO project, Odd Aksel Bergstad, Jo Høier, Jelena Krylova, Gui Menezes, Tina Molodtsova and Andrey Gebruk participated. Odd Aksel Bergstad held a presentation on the MAR-ECO project.  

Presentations from the meeting can be downloaded here

Read more about the meeting on the MAR-ECO public site:
Report from Auckland
MAR-ECO wins "Excellence" price

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