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Presentations opportunities in 2008

Participants are encouraged to take advantage of the following opportunities for presenting MAR-ECO results:

2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting, ASLO, Orlando. 2-7 March, 2008
Several CoML associated sessions. Abstract deadline 2 Oct 2007  

ICES ASC, Halifax, Canada. 22-26 September, 2008
Theme session on “Mid-ocean ridges and seamounts: oceanography,ecology, and exploitation”. 

World conference on Marine Biodiversity, Valencia 11-15 November, 2008
MAR-ECO will propose a theme session on Mid-ocean Ridges. 

5th World Fisheries Congress, Yokohama, Japan, 20-24 October 2008
A satellite Symposium on “Seamount Fisheries – From Unregulated Exploitation to Sustainable Use”.
Abstract deadline 29 February.


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