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South Atlantic MAR-ECO Zooplankton

Prof. Luiz Fernando Loureiro Fernandes, Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil, visited the Institute of Marine Research, Flodevigen, Norway 13-15 September 2010. Photo: Tone Falkenhaug

Prof Fernandez is leading the South Atlantic MAR-ECO zooplankton studies. The aim of the visit was to foster transfer of knowledge between the North and South Atlantic MAR-ECO. Dr Fernandes also brought specimens of crustacean micronekton caught on the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge in 2009, to be analyzed during his visit.

The cruise on Russian RV “Academic Ioffe” (13 October-29 November, 2009) was the first dedicated effort serving the South Atlantic MAR-ECO project. Analyzes of the samples from this cruise is now in progress.

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