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Workshop on MAR-ECO pelagic decapods

Between the 20th – 27th June 2010 a workshop on pelagic decapods was held at Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS, ). Attendees were Dr. Tamara Frank, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, USA and Dr Tone Falkenhaug, Institute of Marine Research, Norway. 

The aim of the workshop was to identify pelagic decapods from the trawls conducted on the MAR-ECO cruise aboard the NOAA Fisheries vessel Henry B. Bigelow, 12th  June - 17th July 2009. During this cruise, a Macrozooplankton trawl was used for the sampling of pelagic nekton. This trawl was also used during the 2004 RV G.O. Sars expedition, which enables comparisons of data between the two cruises. The Bigelow collection of decapods include depth stratified samples (5 depths) from 13 stations in the region of the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone. 


The workshop team worked hard, with exceptional assistance from their host Dr Tracey Sutton, and his PhD student Christoffer Sweetman.



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