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MAR-ECO Bibliography

For the benefit of MAR-ECO participants and the planning process, a bibliography of literature related to the north Atlantic and the MAR area have been prepared.

The bibliography has been compiled using EndNote 5.0, and you need to have the EndNote programme installed on your computer in order to open this file (.enl).

This bibliography is still under revision, and key words for several of the references are still missing. In order to make a successful search, please search in “Title”.

The reference list comprises a wide range of topics and several people have been involved in the work:

Literature from the Azores area: Ricardo Santos (University of the Azores)
Cephalopods: Kir Nesis (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)
Russian literature: co-ordinated by Vladimir Vinnichenko (PINRO, Murmansk)
Seabirds: R.W. Furness (University of Glascow,UK)
Zooplankton: Tone Falkenhaug (IMR, Norway)
Physical Oceanography: Henrik Søiland (IMR, Norway)

Download the MAR-ECO Bibliography (Endnote 5 or 8):

MAR-ECO-library-8.0.2.enl File
530.6 kb
02 Feb 2007 09:45
MAR-ECO-library.enl File
971.5 kb
02 Feb 2007 09:46
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