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Demersal fish workshop 14-19 April 2008

Basin-wide comparisons

 One of the key aims of MAR-ECO is to investigate the significance of the mid-ocean ridge for the distribution of animals on a basin-wide scale. Demersal fishes is one of the megafaunal groups  for which there are suitable published datasets available for a range of North Atlantic sites, and the workshop aimed to compile these datasets in order to carry out analyses of patterns in species composition. Species lists from continental slopes of the west and east and north, and from islands and seamounts were selected and will be compared with the recently published lists from the mid-Atlantic Ridge based on MAR-ECO observations.

The workshop was held in the Institute of Marine Research, Flødevigen near Arendal in southeastern Norway.  Participants were MAR-ECO partners: John Gordon, John Galbraith, Åge Høines and Odd Aksel Bergstad.


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