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DN1 Analyses of demersal fish distribution initiated

The task of a sub-group within DN1 is to analyse and describe species-specific distribution patterns and assemblage structure based on bottom trawl data. Such analyses were recently initiated as Gui Menezes visited Odd Aksel Bergstad at the Institute of Marine Research, Arendal, Norway 15-30 November. The sub-group consisting of Gui, Odd Aksel and Åge Høines had a first look at the bottom trawl data from Leg 2 of the G.O.Sars cruise in 2004, and produced maps and depth distribution graphs, and an initial multivariate analysis of the catch matrix.

There are obvious needs for clarification of the taxonomy on some groups, especially macrourids, eels, and alepocephalids; but a framework for the final analyses has now been made. The aim is to have a draft working paper ready for circulation among other DN1 partners in a month or two, and a full presentation at the Lisbon workshop in June 2005.

Gui’s visit was financed by a visiting scientist grant from cultural exchange agreement between Portugal and Norway (handled by the Norwegian Research Council).

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