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MAR-ECO workshop on demersal fish taxonomy

A workshop on Demersal Fish taxonomy was held at the Bergen Museum 3 - 8 April, 2005. The aim of the workshop was to examine ophidiform fishes collected during the RV G.O.Sars expedition in 2004.

Participants: Ingvar Byrkjedal (Bergen Museum, BM), Peter Rask Møller (Zoological Museum of Copenhagen, ZMUC), Jørgen Nielsen (ZMUC), Franz Uiblein (Institute of Marine Research, IMR).

During the workshop MAR-ECO material of the following fish families were identified: Alepisauridae, Aphyonidae, Bothidae, Bythitidae, Caristiidae, Cetomimidae, Chimaeridae, Eurypharyngidae, Halosauridae, Ipnopidae, Liparidae, Moridae, Nomeidae, Notacanthidae, Notosudidae, Ophidiidae, Percichthyidae, Rhinochimaeridae, Rondeletiidae, Saccopharyngidae and Zoarcidae. Most of the specimens belonging to these families could be identified at Bergen Museum. A few specimens from mainly Liparidae and Ophidiidae needs to be studied further, with the aid of x-ray techniques, which will be done at Zoological Museum of Copenhagen.

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Report from workshop
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