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Holothuroidea in the BIOICE collection

Holothuroidea_Sangerdi2007Andrey Gebruk and Antonina Rogacheva (P.P. Shirshov Shirshov Institute of Oceanology) visited the Sandgerdi Marine Centre (SMC), Iceland, October 2007 to examine holothurians collected by the BIOICE program.

The main aim of this visit was to use the extensive BIOICE collection to extend the range of benthos samples in MAR-ECO for more comprehensive analysis of biogeographical patterns of benthic fauna in the North Atlantic. BIOICE is a basic biodiversity research programme of the benthic fauna in the Icelandic territorial waters, undertaken in the period from 1991 to 2004. The programme have accumulated a vast amount of benthic specimens from most known taxa around Iceland, at depths from 20 to 3000 m. This material gives an unique opportunity to fill the gap in benthos studies in MAR-ECO.Sandgerdi_2007
Results of this work will be used in MAR-ECO relevant publications and in the PhD thesis of Antonina Rogacheva.

This visit was sponsored by the Nordic Council and was arranged with the help of Olafur S. Astthorsson (Marine Research Institute, Reykjavik).    


Download the Report on Holothuroidea in the BIOICE collection by Andrey Gebruk



PhD student Antonina Rogacheva
(P.P. Shirshov Shirshov Institute of Oceanology).


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