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Acoustic workshop in Bergen

An international workshop with participants from Great Britain, US and Norway was arranged during March 25-31 2005. Active MAR-ECO scientists were Cairistiona Anderson, Olav Rune Godø, John Horne, Leif Nøttestad and Ruben Patel. A new MAR-ECO student, Stian Bentsen, joined the group for part of the week.

MAR-ECO 2005Picture shows participants and associates in early spring sunshine lunch on the Tollbod dock. Standing from left Cairistiona Anderson, Ruben Patel, Stian Bentsen, Hector Pena, Olav Rune Godø. Sitting from left Rolf Korneliussen, Atle Totland, John Horne and Egil Ona. Leif Nøttestad behind the camera.

- To prioritise analysis to be done on the acoustic data and prepare the basis for papers to be presented at the MAR-ECO field phase workhop in Lisbon 3-4 June.
- To set the stage for more long term joint effort on publication of the acoustic data
- Discuss the needs for interactions with the other PN and Z scientists.

We spent a substantial amount of time defining how to utilise the frequency response to categorize the acoustic recordings. Ruben and Stian have continued this work after the workshop and we hope this can become a strong tool to characterise unknown ecosystems. The next step will be to link this to the catches. We also got one step further on the discussion and analysis of physical-biological interaction as observed in the meso-scale eddies during the first part of the MAR-ECO cruise on RV G.O. Sars in 2005 (Leg 1). Substantial progress on defining the acoustic components required for the collaborative work with the marine mammal scientists ('whale hotspots') were made. We had a first suggested list of papers worked out during the last days of Leg 1. We spent some time to update this list and linked people to associated tasks.

Till now we have concentrated our efforts on analysis of acoustic data. We see that we need an interaction with other nekton scientist to clarify grouping of species according to their morphology and trophic level. A request has been sent to Tracy Sutton and Filipe Porteiro. We will soon send a similar request to the zooplankton group. These connections will help us to link trawl catches to acoustic layers. An active contact with the marine mammals and bird group has already been established. We hope and will be prepared to take a discussion on these items during the Lisbon meeting.

Bergen April 5
Olav Rune Godø

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