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German dataset on pelagic fish

Pelagic NektonComparing data from MAR-ECO cruises with datasets collected in earlier cruises has high priority. To facilitate such analyses, archived data must be readily accessible. Germany collected extensive datasets on pelagic fish in the open Atlantic a few decades ago, and some of these have now made available for comparative studies.

A newly computerised database HamPelFish containing data collected by the Institute for Sea Fisheries of the Federal Research Institute for Fisheries, Hamburg, Germany, is now available for use by MAR-ECO partners. The data have been compiled by Dr Heino Fock of ECOANALYSIS.DE

The HamPelFish contains data from 5 cruises conducted in the North Atlantic in the period 1973-1986. In total 193 fishing stations at or near the mid-Atlantic Ridge has been included, and the current version of the database has information on 350,000 specimens of fish.

The format of the database is compatible with that used in the MAR-ECO database, but HamPelFish will remain a stand-alone database. Access is restricted to registered MAR-ECO partners, preferably working in collaboration with German colleagues. Please contact PIs of PN1 (Uwe Piatkowski, Tracey Sutton).

The extensive work carried out by Heino Fock was supported by MAR-ECO sub-group support funds.

More information on HamPelFish and access to data is available on

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