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Pelagic nekton meeting held in Copenhagen

A group of potential partners of MAR-ECO pelagic nekton projects met onboard the (former) RV G.O. Sars in Copenhagen on 3 October 2002. the meeting was chaired by Uwe Piatkowski who is the PI of the MAR-ECO PN1 component. 

The group discussed aims and strategies for the PN1 project and also sampling challenges. Uwe and Peter Boyle can be contacted for further information on the meeting and subsequent progress.

Pelagic nekton meeting, MAR-ECO 2002
Participants: Uwe Piatkowski, Peter Boyle, Olav Rune Godoe, Mikko Heino, Mike Vecchione, Tim Smith, Mark Tasker, Klaus von Broeckel, Christian Pusch, Heino Fock, Bernd Christiansen, Odd Aksel Bergstad





Pelagic nekton meeting, MAR-ECO 2003

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