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PN1 fish taxonomy workshop and meetings

Report by Tracey Sutton, co-PI of PN1.

A workshop on pelagic fish taxonomy was held Oct 5-15, 2005, at the Bergen Museum. The main goals of the workshop were:

·Finalize specimen processing and identification of samples collected during Leg 1 of the summer 2004 RV G.O. Sars MAR-ECO cruise, specifically cryptic species of the genera Cyclothone and Melamphaes.

·Organize plans for the distribution of pelagic fish data for other user groups.

·Organize preliminary scientific presentation of pelagic and demersal fish data at the 2006 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu, HI, and future meetings.

·Meet with Steering Committee members to discuss future research goals and funding.

Analysis results: During the workshop Drs. Sutton and Porteiro identified a total of 8402 fish specimens, representing 58 species, collected during Leg 1 of the G.O. Sars cruise. This work was facilitated by the excellent courtesies and assistance of Ingvar Byrkjedal and Gunnar Langhelle of the Museum. Special emphasis was given to the fish families Gonostomatidae, Melamphaidae, Myctophidae, Chiasmodontidae, and Bathylagidae. It was estimated that around 95% of the specimens have been identified for community analyses, and potential new species (e.g., bathylagids, chiasmodontids, oneirodids) were tagged for future detailed examination. Meeting results: During the inter-component meetings, several topics were addressed:

1.A plan was organized to make the initial taxonomic results available to the public and scientific community via presentations at the 2006 Ocean Sciences Meeting and the 11th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium.

2. Dr. Mikko Heino agreed to continue work on trawl catchability characterization to allow quantification and inter-comparison of different trawl types.

3. Future directions and needs for the community analyses and trophic ecology were discussed.


Fish taxonomy studies: Filipe Porteiro (Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, University of the Azores), and Tracey Sutton (Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, USA).

Other meetings: Odd Aksel Bergstad (IMR, Norway), Tone Falkenhaug (IMR, Norway), Mikko Heino (IMR, Norway ), Åge Høines (IMR, Norway), Uwe Piatkowski (IFM-GOEMAR, Germany) and Annelies Pierrot-Bults (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Sutton and Porteiro were funded by MAR-ECO sub-group support funds. The others were in Bergen for a MARBEF RMP workshop.
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