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PN1 Workshop at Bergen Museum

Tracey Sutton (Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution,USA) and Filipe Porteiro (Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, University of the Azores) are visiting Bergen Museum 4th – 15th of November. Together with Ingvar Byrkjedal (Bergen Museum) they will work on the pelagic nekton material (vertebrates) from the MAR-ECO cruise on RV G.O. Sars in 2004.

The main two goals of the workshop are:
1. Specimen processing and species identification
2. To organize the disposition of samples for the many projects aligned with PN1 and coordinate these efforts with PN2, DN1, and Z1.

 Filipe Porteiro, MAR-ECO 2004 Tracey Sutton, MAR-ECO 2004
 Filipe Poretiro, Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, University of the Azores Tracey Sutton, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution,USA

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