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Russian papers on Ichthyofauna

Two papers on North Atlantic fish fauna, by Efim Kukuev and A. Gushchin (P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences), are presented and can be downloaded.

The papers were provided by Filipe Porteiro who had the papers translated from Russian into English during a small scale translation program.
The translations were made by the philologist Natalie Bereza.

Gushchin_Kukuyev_MAR_fishes_1981.doc Microsoft Word Document
63.0 kb
02 Feb 2007 14:09
Gushchin A. V. & Kukuyev E. I (1981): Fishes of the open ocean: Notes on a collection of the ichthyofauna from the northern part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Insufficiently_studied_fishes_Kukuev_1982_translation.doc Microsoft Word Document
164.0 kb
02 Feb 2007 14:11
Kukuyev E. I (1982): Insufficiently studied fishes of the open ocean: Ichthyofauna of Corner Mountains and New England Seamounts.
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