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Workshop on Pelagic Faunal Assemblages

A workshop on "Pelagic Faunal Assemblages along the MAR" was held at Strand Hotel Fevik, Norway, 6-10 September 2010.

The aim of the workshop was to summarise the new information on distribution patterns that has been gathered for a range of pelagic taxa along the MAR. Several studies on the material from the G.O. Sars 2004 expedition have shown that the surface hydrography and the SPF mainly affect the distribution of species assemblages in the epipelagic and upper mesopelagic. Below this depth, the species assemblages are generally more consistent along the ridge. Also, the horizontal distribution of several taxa across the SPF seems to be “asymmetric”: “southern species” have limited dispersal north of the SPF, while cold-water species are not so restricted by the SPF.

The workshop aimed to determine if these patterns are consistent across taxa from mesozooplankton to nekton, and investigate relationships between spatial assemblage patterns, hydrography and  water masses.  Analyses were performed on datasets from the G.O. Sars 2004 and the Bigelow 2009 cruises. This includes vertical and latitudinal distribution patterns of nekton (fish, cephalopods and crustaceans) and zooplankton (copepods and cnidarians).

The analyses made during the workshop reveales interesting results on deep pelagic biogeography, which will be summarized in a publication.Photo. Tone Falkenhaug









Workshop participants, Back left to right: Mike Vecchione, Filipe Porteiro, Mikko Heino, Astthor Gislason, Uwe Piatkowski, Tracey Sutton. Front left to right: Tone Falkenhaug, Hege Hansen, April Cook. Not in picture: Odd Aksel Bergstad

PiatkowskiFevik workshopFevik workshop

fevik workshopFevik workshopFevik Workshop: Uwe Piatkowski



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