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Analysis of ECOMAR pelagic crustaceans

Tom LetessierThe ECOMAR PhD student,Tom Bech Letessier,(Pelagic Ecology Research Group, University of St Andrews) visited the Institute of Marine Research, Flødevigen near Arendal in southeastern Norway, 7-16 May, 2008.  The aim of the visit was to complete the taxonomic analysis of pelagic amphipods and decapods collected on the 2007 RRS James Cook cruise to the mid-Atlantic Ridge ( .

His visit coinsided with the stay of Dr Georgy Vinogradov (PP Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Moscow), taxonomic expert on amphipoda. In addition, the MAR-ECO decapod collection from the 2004 RV GO Sars cruise to the mid-Atlantic Ridge was available in Flodevigen as a reference collection for the processing of ECOMAR decapods. This provided an excellent opportunity for Tom Letessier to learn and to enrich the UK taxonomic skill base by taking advantage of the taxonomic expertise available through MAR-ECO.

letessier and VinogradovThe ECOMAR crustacean samples were completed in Flødevigen, containing 6 species of amphipods and 6 species of decapods. The detailed taxonomic analysis of these samples will also form part of the community description in the PhD of Tom Letessier entitled: “Effect of different primary productivity regimes on the zooplankton communities at the Charlie-Gibbs fracture zone (CGFZ) of the MAR”.

The visit of Tom Letessier at IMR was funded by the MarBEF - Taxonomy Clearing System


Tom Letessier and Dr Georgy Vinogradov

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