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Workshop on MAR-ECO Pelagic Decapods

Pelagic decapods constituted an important part of the biomass caught in trawls on the RV GO Sars MAR-ECO cruise in 2004. A Z1 workshop on pelagic decapod taxonomy was held at Institute of Marine Research, Flødevigen, Arendal, Norway 5 – 9 December, 2005. MAR-ECO Decapod workshop, December 2005

The aim of the workshop was to facilitate and initiate the analysis work on the MAR-ECO decapod material by: a) Compile relevant taxonomic literature, and b) train scientists and technician in species identification

Workshop participants:
Prof. Endre Willassen, Bergen Museum, Norway
Prof. Marit Christiansen, Natural History Museum, Oslo, Norway
Hege Øverbø Hansen, Scientific technician, Institute of Marine Research, Flødevigen, Norway
Tone Falkenhaug, Institute of Marine Research, Flødevigen, Norway

The material includes decapods sampled between Iceland and the Azores (60° - 41°N), from 3000 m to the surface, using the following four gears:
- Macrozooplankton traw (Leg 1) 17 stations, a’ 5 depth intervals
- Åkra trawl (Leg 1) 15 stations, a’ 3 depth intervals
- Egersund traw (Leg 1) 15 stations
- Demersal trawl (Leg 2) 16 stations

During the workshop, 41 samples were processed. So far 18 species within the following genera have been identified: Ephyrina, Systellaspis, Hymenodora, Oplophorus, Nostostomus, Meningodora, Hymenodora, Gennadas, Acanthephyra, Parapasiphae and Pasiphaea. MAR-ECO decapods, GO Sars 2004. Photo: T. Falkenhaug

Future plans.
- The analysis will continue by involved scientists and technicians.
- The identification of species belonging to the superfamilies Penaeoidea and Sergestoidea is difficult, also because of the lack of comprehensive identification keys. A proposal to the MARBEF Taxonomy Clearing System has been submitted, requesting support for the visit of a taxonomic expert on these groups.
- Parts of the material will be processed further during “Taxon-specific training sessions” in Bergen 24-28 April 2006. The workshop will be organized by members of the MARBEF Responsive Mode Project: Integration of different methods to study patterns and changes in pelagic biodiversity in the open ocean along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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