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Z1/Z4 Workshop on Faroe Islands

Analysis of mesozooplankton collected on the RV G. O. Sars, MAR-ECO cruise June/July 2004, proceeds.

The 2nd workshop on mesozooplankton taxonomy was held January 10-17, 2005 at the Faroese Fisheries Laboratory, Torshavn, Faroe Islands. This workshop continued the work that started on the 1st workshop on mesozooplankton taxonomy, 22-29 November at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Sangerdi, Iceland.

MAR-ECO Zooplankton workshop, January 2005, FFL Faroe IslandsParticipants (from the left): Karina Nolsøe, (Faroese Fisheries Laboratory, FFL), Astthor Gislason, Marine Research Institute, Iceland, MRI) , Eilif Gaard, FFL, and Anna Rosa Bødvarsdottir, MRI.

The aim of the workshop was to continue the analysis on formalin preserved Multinet samples, collected along the northern part of the Mid Atlantic Ridge (from the Reykjanes Ridge to the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone). The samples are depth stratified from the surface down to about 2000 m.

The joint teamwork has been very successful, and interesting information on horizontal and vertical distribution of zooplankton on the northern part of the Mid Atlantic Ridge has been revealed. The analysis of mesozooplankton will continue during a 3rd Z1/Z4 workshop at Institute of Marine Research, Flødevigen Research Station, Arendal, Norway 31 January – 5 February 2005.

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