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Z1/Z4 Zooplankton workshop on Iceland

A workshop on mesozooplankton taxonomy was held 22-29 November 2004 at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Sangerdi, Iceland. The main objective of the workshop was to analyse the formalin preserved Multinet samples, collected along the northern part of the Mid Atlantic Ridge on the RV G.O. Sars MAR-ECO cruise June/July 2004 (Leg1).

Astthor Gislason (MRI, Iceland), Anna Rosa Bodvarsdottir (MRI, Iceland), Eilf Gaard (FFL, Faroe Islands), Karina Nöttestad (FFL, Faroe Islands) and Signe Johannessen (IMR, Norway).

Analysis: The three northernmost Multinet stations (SS2, SS4 and parts of SS10) were analysed during the workshop. The analyses included species identification, length measurements, and classification into developmental stages. Most abundant groups were weighed, and gonad stage of Calanus spp were determined at all stations.

This work will continue during a second workshop in the Faroese Fisheries Laboratory, Thorshavn, Faroe Islands 10-17 January 2005.

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