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Zooplankton from the Reykjanes Ridge

Alexandra StupnikovaAlexandra Stupnikova  (P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Moscow, Russia) has visited the Institute of Marine Research at Flodevigen research Station, Arendal, Norway, 15 October - 9 November 2007.  

The purpose of the 4 weeks visit was to analyse mesozooplankton, sampled during the 2003 cruise on the RV Arni Fridriksson as an element of MAR-ECO. Alexandra Stupnikova has recently finished a Master on zooplankton ecology at the P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology. Her thesis was on distributions and population structures of Calanus species in the North Atlantic, including MAR-ECO data from the 2004 RV GO Sars cruise.

Stupnikova and Vanda_2007An additional aim of her visit was to transfer skills in zooplankton taxonomy to other scientists and technicians. A small reference collection of the dominant copepod species in the MAR-ECO samples is being made. Stupnikova also assisted the MAR-ECO PhD student Vanda Carmo, in identifications of copepod gut-contents of mesopelagic fishes.During her visit, Supnikova analysed 24 samples. She will complete the remaining zooplankton analyses in Moscow.



The Icelandic cross-ridge transectReykjanes Ridge
The Icelandic cruise on RV Arni Fridriksson in 2003, included zooplankton sampling on 5 stations along a transect crossing the Reykjanes ridge in the northern MAR-ECO area (see map). Depth stratified sampling was made with the same gear as was used on the RV GO Sars cruise in 2004 (180 µm Multinet) which makes comparisons between datasets possible.  

The pelagic material from the 2003 RV Arni Fridriksson also includes data on hydrography, chlorophyll, primary production and macrozooplankton/micronekton. The mesozooplankton analysis by Stupnikova will complete the analyses of pelagic material from this nice cross-ridge transect.   

The visit of Alexandra Stupnikova in Norway was funded by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.


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