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Zooplankton results, Reykjanes Ridge June 2003

RV Arni Fridriksson, June 2003


The first zooplankton results from the REDFISH/MAR-ECO cruise with RV Árni Friðriksson (Institute of Marine Research, Iceland), June 2003 are presented in a short report written by Astthor Gislason, Institute of Marine Research, Iceland.  Zooplankton was sampled on the Reykjanes Ridge with a Multinet sampler (0.25 m2 opening, 180 mm mesh size) towed vertically from 900 m depth to the surface.

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02 Feb 2007 10:12
Report on zooplankton results, Reykjanes Ridge, RV Arni Fridriksson, June 2003. Astthor Gislason
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