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Cruise report MS Loran 2004

Cruise report MS Loran 2004
During three weeks in July, the Norwegian fishing vessel MS Loran participated in the 2004 MAR-ECO expedition to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The vessel worked longlines, gillnets and traps in an effort to sample demersal fish in rugged terrain, complementing the sampling conducted by the RV G.O.Sars.

The report provides a comprehensive summary of methodology, sampling locations, and catches. The data from MS Loran will be included in the MAR-ECO biotic database.

PI on MS Loran was Mr Jan Erik Dyb from Moere Research in Aalesund, Norway, and other members of the scientific crew were Inge Fossen, Charles Cotton, and Ann-Helen Hellevik.

The charter costs and other expenses associated with the cruise was financed by generous grants and in-kind contributions from several public agencies and private sponsors in Norway and the USA (please see report for full account).

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