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Expedition Report, RV G.O.Sars 2004

Expedition Report, RV G.O.Sars 2004
Reports by the PIs and participants on the two-month international MAR-ECO expedition on the Norwegian RV G.O.Sars are presented.

The expedition had two parts, and separate reports are provided for the two Legs.

Leg 1 was a comprehensive investigation of the pelagic fauna and ecosystems along the mid-Atlantic Ridge from south of Iceland to the Azores. An array of pelagic samplers were used and great emphasis placed on hydroacoustic observations using multi-frequency sounders and several other kinds of instruments. Hydroacoustic and photographic landers were put out in selected locations to obtain time-series data.

On Leg 2 the emphasis was on near-bottom fauna and gelatinous zooplankton. Bottom trawling provided samples to 3800 m and ROVs were used to obtain footage and samples from both the water column and seabed. Extensive series of lander observations of demersal scavengers were collected, as well as midwater data on bioluminescence and organisms recorded by video profiler.

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