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MAR-ECO cruise on the Reykjanes Ridge 2003

The REDFISH/MAR-ECO cruise with RV Árni Friðriksson (Institute of Marine Research, Iceland), started on June 4. The ship will be working in the Irminger Sea and adjacent areas until July 3 2003.

The following MAR-ECO partners are on board: Thorsteinn Sigurdsson (PI), Astthor Gislason, Gisli Vikingsson (Institute of Marine Research, Iceland), Høgni Debes (Faroe Islands) and Tracey Sutton (Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, USA). 

Five days of the cruise will be spent on the northernmost box of MAR-ECO, sampling for the MAR-ECO project Z4: Trophic interactions of copepods, euphausiids, chaetognaths and fish across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (PI: Astthor Gislason). The target groups in this area are phytoplankton, copepods, euphausiids, chaetognaths, fish and marine mammals.

Station work includes: CTD, Chla/primary production, Multinet (13 depth stratified samples from surface to the bottom (2200m), WP2 net (live samples, egg production, gut fluorescence), Modified GLORIA midwater trawl and Norwegian Macro zooplankton trawl. Between stations overall mapping of water mass characteristics, phytoplankton biomass and zooplankton abundance will be made by towing an undulating vehicle (Nu-shuttle equipped with CTD, fluorometer, light meter and an Optical Plankton Counter). Please find more information on the cruise activity on redfish research in the Pelagic Redfish survey draft plan, including a figure of the cruise track.


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