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Report from RV Walter Herwig cruise June-July 2005

Dr. Hans Christian John (Deutsches Zentrum für Marine Biodiversität) and Dr. Heino Fock participated on the international redfish-survey June/July 2005 on the German RV “Walther Herwig”.

Zooplankton were sampled along a trans-Atlantic transect, crossing the MAR at 60° N, providing unique material of fish larvae, fish eggs and invertebrate zooplankton. Sampling were made with the Multinet (0.25 m², 300 micrometre mesh-size) in 5 discrete depth strata from 500 m to the surface. Hauls were made as oblique tows, and with a high average sampling speed of 1.8 m/s.

Download the WH272 Cruise report

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02 Feb 2007 11:53
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