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MAR-ECO data collected during the RV G.O.Sars cruise 2004

A short overview of all the datatypes collected during the cruise is presented in an excel sheet that can be downloaded.

During the MAR-ECO cruise with RV G.O.Sars June-July 2004, we collected a wide range of data. During the cruise we structured the data in three main parts: Biotic data, abiotic data and multimedia files. Due to different usage of the files, the data are mainly stored by "derived source" and not focus (acoustics, PNx etc.).

The data types are also split into "dataset's" based on the purpose and/or focus. For each of the datasets one scientific and/or one technical contact person has been assigned, to help answering questions about these datasets.

Note that we are working on a document with more detailed descriptions of each dataset, based on the FGDC Metadata standard.


Data-from-the-Mar-Eco-Cruise.xls Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
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02 Feb 2007 13:24
Overview over all data types collected during the G.O. Sars cruise 2004
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