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On these pages you will find some maps avaliable for use in presentations, publications etc. Note that all these maps and several other are avaliable on our FTP server.

We try to standarize the maps in WGS1984 (datum) and Mercator (projection), but you will also find some maps with other projections.


Maps from the MAR area (02 Feb 2007 11:48)
Some maps showing the area around Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Maps from the MAR area
Standard maps (02 Feb 2007 11:37)
Standard MAR-ECO maps over the MAR have been produced for use in publications etc. The maps are based on WGS 1984 datum, and have a Mercator projection. Some of the maps show the mid-point of the predefined superstations we had during the G.O.Sars cruise. There are two versions of the maps, one in vector graphics (*.emf) and one in raster graphics (*.png). Both formats should be easy to include in documents and presentations. The vector graphic files especially suitable for big posters, since they are scaleable.
Standard maps
Overview maps (02 Feb 2007 10:30)
2D and 3D overview maps over the North-Atlantic and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. These maps can be used for presentations etc. Click on the maps to get higher resolution.
Overview maps
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