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HamPelFish database

German HamPelFish data imported into the Biotic database

Comparing data from MAR-ECO cruises with datasets collected in earlier cruises has high priority. To facilitate such analyses, archived data must be readily accessible. Germany collected extensive datasets on pelagic fish in the open Atlantic a few decades ago, and some of these have now made available for comparative studies.

HamPelFish containing data collected by the Institute for Sea Fisheries of the Federal Research Institute for Fisheries, Hamburg, Germany, is now available for use by MAR-ECO partners.

The data are imported into the "MAR-ECO Biotic database" and are structured in a three main tables; Cruise data, Station data and Sampling data. I addition there are a Crew table describing cruise participants and roles.

An overview of all the taxa found at these cruises are shown here

Description of the cruises and codes can be found on the FTP server (with the other biotic data).





 Maps from the cruises, can you find here.

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