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MARBEF RMP Workshop (01 Feb 2007 21:06)
A MARBEF RMP workshop was held in IFM-GEOMAR in Kiel 27-29 March 2006. MARBEF aims to assess and monitor marine biodiversity in all waters, including the biota of oceanic pelagic habitats. The objective of this second workshop of the Responsive Mode Project (RMP) entitled "Integration of different methods to study patterns and changes in pelagic biodiversity in the open ocean along the mid-Atlantic Ridge" was to define and propose pelagic reference sites for the open ocean Atlantic.
MARBEF Course on MAR-ECO material (25 Jun 2007 09:19)
A MARBEF Taxonomy Course on "Identification of marine macrozooplankton and (micro)nekton" will be held at Espegrend Marine Biological Station, Bergen 4 - 15 June 1007. 12 students and 6 lecturers from eight countries will participate.
MARBEF Course on MAR-ECO material
MAR-ECO Session on Biodiversity (12 Feb 2008 11:12)
The Census of Marine Life projects MAR-ECO and CMarZ have joined forces to convene a session on oceanic pelagic and benthopelagic diversity during the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity in Valencia, Spain, 11-15 November 2008.
MAR-ECO Session on Biodiversity
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