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MAR-ECO Session on Biodiversity

The Census of Marine Life projects MAR-ECO and CMarZ have joined forces to convene a session on oceanic pelagic and benthopelagic diversity during the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity in Valencia, Spain 11-15 November 2008.

The session has been accepted by the congress, and the registration is open on the website: . The deadline for submission of abstracts is April 1st.

We know there are a number results from MAR-ECO cruises in 1003-2005 and in 2007-2008 that would be relevant for this session, and there are also data mining efforts based on old collections going on. All MAR-ECO participants are encouraged to submit abstracts and contribute to the session, either orally or with a poster.  



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1.5 Open ocean pelagic and benthopelagic diversity: patterns and monitoring
Chairs: Odd Aksel Bergstad; Ann Bucklin; Tone Falkenhaug; Uwe Piatkowski

Open ocean plankton and nekton diversity has been mapped only on broad spatial scales, with emphasis on either biogeography or on patterns associated with special features such as upwelling systems, frontal zones and eddies. Most studies have focused on epipelagic communities, fewer on meso- and bathypelagic fauna and the benthopelagic fauna associated with oceanic features such as mid-ocean ridges and seamounts.There is a need to establish more comprehensive background knowledge of pelagic and benthopelagic diversity on a global and regional scale with stronger emphasis on mid-ocean areas. Monitoring dynamics in composition and distribution will require more information on patterns. There are international processes within the UN, RFMOs and other management bodies focusing on deepwater and open ocean systems that require updated and well documented scientific information and new approaches to monitoring.Contributions would be welcome on phyto- and zooplankton and nekton (crustaceans, cephalopods, fish, turtles, mammals etc.) of the mid-ocean photosynthetic communities, with emphasis on identity and patterns of distribution and abundance, pattern-generating processes, temporal variation, and approaches to monitoring.The session is relevant to MarBEF and to the ongoing CoML field projects CMarZ, CenSEAM and MAR-ECO. 

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