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MARBEF Course on "Identification of mari

The course aims to strengthen the competence in classical taxonomy and systematics of abundant and typical groups of the North Atlantic zooplankton and nekton. The sample material will be drawn from the MAR-ECO collection at Bergen Museum (G.O.Sars 2004). The course is funded by MARBEF and oganized by the Responsive Mode project "Integration of different methods to study patterns and changes in pelagic biodiversity in the open ocean along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge".

Dr. Annelies Pierrot-Bults, Zoological Museum Amsterdam: Chaetognatha
Dr. Uwe Piatkowski, IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel: Cephalopoda
Dr. Alistair Lindley, SAHFOS, Plymouth: Euphausiids
Dr. Philipe Porteiro, Univ of the Azores, Horta: Mid-water fishes
Dr. Endre Willassen, University of Bergen, Bergen Museum: Curation of collections and barcoding
Tone Falkenhaug, Institute of Marine research: Organizer


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